Outstanding is actually an understatement!
It’s hard to put into words the Linds experience! She delivers such a balanced experience of professionalism and a feeling like you just gained a new family member.

She truly cares about you and wants to make this big life alter moment a joyful experience. Not to say packing your home and purging your life isn’t hard work, when you put your trust in Linds and do actually what she requests, not only do you get the results you want it runs smoothly and efficiently! This Rockstar agent is a person of her word, not only is she totally available to you. She has contacts that respect her and she get things done in timely manner! The staging of my home made all the difference in the world, compliments of Linds, trust me no other agent was willing to put some skin in the game like she did! I trusted her expertise and took her advice and not only did my house sell in a week, we got well over asking price. I will be forever grateful for this stress free experience and I will continue to recommend my Rockstar agent to everyone that is looking to sell or buy a home!